Meek Mill is a very underrated artist, although he has many popular songs. He recently dropped an album called Championships released in 2018. In that album, a song featuring Drake became very popular, and it is called Going Bad

 However I feel like an amazing song went unnoticed by many. The name of the song was Uptown Vibes. It was released in 2018 when the album was released. It is an amazing song with a very popping beat. I would say it is the second most popular song on the album. Although I think it is the best song on the album.

 The song starts off  with the base of the beat. Then it pickups and gets base boosted. It has a sort of Hispanic vibe but maintains a very fast rap pace. Meek Mill raps a verse and I love his wordplay. Then his feature of Fabolous and Anuel AA come in and sing over the beat. 

One verse is completely in Spanish and carries the Hispanic vibe of the song. The duration of the song is three minutes and eleven seconds. 

Overall I think Meek Mill meshes very well with his features. He incorporates Spanish with the English lines. He has amazing chemistry and it all sounds great.

This song overall gets most people hype. I would say it is a very good gym song or pre game song. I’ve been enjoying this song for a long time and I honestly rate it a 9/10 because of the hype and the vocals.