In modern day time, Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, but the original and historical origins meaning and creation of Valentine’s day shows an intensely dark side of the holiday that overshadows its current candy and roses.

Valentines day comes from the Roman festival Lupercalia, it celebrates the fertility of young girls and the festivals main attraction is selling those girls as prostitutes to the older nobility. 

This only celebrates how women are lesser than men and have to obey whatever they say or decide to do with them. I know that I would never celebrate a holiday that represents inequality and oppression. 

The fact that no one decides to teach or read about the origins of this holiday bothers me. It’s almost like older generations are glossing over this dreadful origin story just to use this opportunity of a holiday to their advantage, especially in the commercial area.

Companies and corporations use this overrated holiday by making more consumer products to sell to unknowing customers. 

Thousands of jewelry pieces, roses, candy hearts, and chocolate are bought every February without fail. By buying these products you are supporting the companies who never mean well and only care about money. 

Also, buying cheap chocolate, plastic knick knacks, and flowers that eventually die is not a good way to show how much someone means to you and how much you love them. Adding on, all the discarded plastic and cardboard is very bad for the environment. 

Another issue I have with Valentine’s day is that some people need a holiday to express how much they love their loved one. If people were actually living their life correctly, they wouldn’t need that “special day”, everyday should be filled with love.

 If you really wanted to express how much someone means to you, do not get them basic and common gifts. Sit down and have a deep and heartfelt conversation with your loved one.