Alli Bell, Staff writer

Improvements in the city, school, and work environment are controled by committees at PHS and in the district. Dealing with various problems and improvements are made easier with student representation. 

One of these committees is called the Community Facilities Committee for the whole campus. They make recomendations on what facilities on our campuses should look like. 

“Since we would not be able to fund classroom makeovers for every school, we work and make choices on what schools need renovations the most. This is a very long term plan that will hopefully make schools a more enjoyable experience for students and staff,” senior member Mikayla Voorn said. 

The Student Advisory Council is a newly formed committee run by Titans hand-selected by Mr. Nash. This is a new committee that is run by president, junior Hayden Jackson. 

“The purpose of the student advisory council is to represent the diverse student body of Poway High School and meet with the principal in order to facilitate greater dialogue between the student body and the administration,” Jackson said.

One student from every homeroom class also participates in a student congress that meets to discuss activity feedback and upcoming events. 

“We meet and get responses from the student body in order to make sure the activities we plan are working for students. It is so important for the students to be represented on campus, so this student congress works well,” junior Emily Bylsma said. 

The presence of young students in committees affects the wellbeing of our campus and the city. The impact students are making is long-lasting and needed for improvements.