Natalia Pike, Staff writer

Sophomores attended the Titans United assembly on Feb 4. which focused on encouraging the acceptance of yourself and others.
Guest speaker Esteban Gast from a company called Character Strong.
“Kindness is proactive and niceness is reactive,” Esteban said. “Niceness is helping someone after they drop books, but kindness is helping carry the books before they fall.”
Sophomores participated in activities to help familiarize themselves with their peers. They found partners that they did not know and told personal stories and quick facts like their favorite color or how many siblings they have.
“I learned a lot about people and how similar we are that I would’ve never known before,” sophomore Bella Deleon said.
At the assembly, they talked as a whole about judgment and standards of others around them and understanding how to be comfortable in their own skin.
The students then answered some questions to help see they are not alone. Some examples were “Has there ever been a time you have felt bullied?” and “Have you ever gone on social media and felt discouraged or not enough after seeing people on there?”
“I am glad we can support each other,” sophomore Gabriella Lazaro said.