Titans are capturing the world around us, on and off campus through their own lenses as photography has become a popular hobby and passion.

Senior Caitlyn Wilson saw the photo class on the course request form and decided to take it on a whim, but found her new hobby instead.

“I took it for fun and fell in love with taking pictures,” senior Caitlyn Wilson said.  

Other Titans found their inspirations elsewhere. Senior Hunter Coker got a camera for Christmas one year and started taking pictures. He also started watching Youtube videos on how to improve and he fell in love with photography.
“My biggest inspiration is probably David Yarrow, I found him off Instagram and I love his style and the different ways he takes photos,” Coker said.

Titan photographers have entered their photos in contests and shows such as the Del Mar Fair to expand their reach and expose their artwork to a wider audience. 

  “I entered four pictures last year, and I plan on putting in more for this year. Last year all my photos won first place,” Coker said. 

Wilson entered her photos in The Palomar Council PTA, for the 50th annual “Reflections Art Show”, the theme was “Look Within”. 

“I also entered into a PTA contest and my picture went to the state district for judging,” Wilson said. 

Senior Ashlyn Lie wanted to follow in her aunt’s footsteps so she began pursuing photography.

“I love taking any types of portraits, and I hope to continue doing photography as a hobby in college and maybe get a few gigs on the side,” Lie said. 

All the titan photgraphers share a love for capturing portraits of people but Coker says he prefers snapping animals. 

“I love taking pictures of and with animals because I feel I sometimes get more emotion out of them than from people,” Coker said.

Wilson, Coker, and Lie all use social media to further promote their photography skills. You can check them out at @224photo, @caitllynphotography, and @ashlynliephotgraphy.