Nora Ward, Feature Editor

Walking through the front office recently, Titans may notice a larger than life sign dotted with pictures of a certain special Titan with huge white letters cheering “Congrats Mr.Young!” This blast of Titan pride celebrates one of the newest additions to the administration team, Colin Young, as he was recognized as California’s Region 18 Secondary Co-Administrator of 2018-2019.

Venturing into his office, students can meet the smiling face of the poster’s honoree, thrilled to be back at the place where his teaching career all began.

“I’m stoked to be here…Poway High is a giant place of opportunity,” Young enthusiastically said.

Working as a Civics, APEC, and U.S. History teacher here from 2005-2012, Young found his love of connecting with students and realized how important each individual’s well-being is to him. The native San Diegans talents were recognized and the district promoted him to Assistant Principal at Mt. Carmel where he worked for six years.

Young truly flourished as a Sun Devil and was elated to have a platform where he would  “…help kids [I] normally wouldn’t get to,” and really emphasize creating a “…kind and caring environment on campus.” For his efforts and genuine care, Young was nominated by a Poway Unified Superintendent for the award presented by the Association of California School Administration.

As the 2018-2019 school year commenced, Young returned to Titan town and can be seen incorporating his award-winning attitude on school spirit days and holidays as he and fellow assistant principals go all-out greeting students in the morning.

“Some students might not have that perfect home life and need that good morning to keep going, if seeing Mr. Young and Mr. Little dressed as Mario and Luigi at 7 in the morning gives them even just a smile, it’s all worth it,” Young said.

Motivated by his own highschool experiences of competing on the lacrosse team, actively playing music and being involved in several clubs, Young encourages students to find their passions and “I really just want to be there for kids…I want to help them achieve their dreams, whatever they may be,” Young said.

Colleagues recognize Young’s outstanding commitment to the schools he has worked at and are thrilled for his achievement.

“It is a very prestigious award, and one well deserved!” Young’s administrative assistant Susie Warinner said.

But Young believes his successes have really come from the strong and outstanding people he has been able to work with.

“If you don’t have a good team, you won’t succeed,” Young said in regard to fellow assistant principals Brianne Froumis and Aaron Little, principal Richard Nash and Warinner. “I love spending my day with these people here. They’re not just colleagues. They’re friends.”

Students walking through the office can get to know the person the big green poster is all about.  “Come say hi! My door is always open!” Young encourages.