Rocco Saldamando, Staff writer

Technology and new forms of communication have changed dating from the days of our teachers to today.

“Dating isn’t as different as it is now. Girls had their crushes, guys had their crushes and their friends would somehow get them to start going out,” Spanish teacher Teresa Jolk said.

We have school dances here and there now but it was different back then. “There were school dances every friday night and everyone would go, that is how most people got to know each other. It was always girl dates boy and boy dates girl. There were some tom boys out there but they would still date guys. There was no homosexual dating. It was taboo back then,”Jolk said who graduated from mount Carmel in 1978

Talking to a boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone back then wasn’t as easy as it is now. “You would hope to have one of those phones that had a really long line, or you would have to deal with your parents ear dropping in from time to time”Jolk said.

Today people can flirt behind a screen. In the past teens would have to meet up face to face and say those things. “You had to actually talk to people, and approach them and ask them face to face let’s go do this.” English teacher John Graber who graduated from poway high in the 80’s said.

Prom and homecoming have also changed. People would not go in large groups. They would go with their boyfriend or girlfriend and the only “groups” were double dates. “You didn’t go as a group, and you didn’t go in a big limousine and have a party bus. That stuff just didn’t happen.” John Graber said.


Social media is a newer form of communication such as snapchat, and has been used by most teens to get to know one another.

“I think that social media makes you overthink and overanalyze every little thing that might happen-every like, every comment, who’s following who-when you should in the first place trust that person and know what their intentions are rather than analyzing everything that happens through social media and through a phone.” science teacher Rachel Banh said 

Some aspects of dating have not changed all that much, such as going to the movies  or going out to a nice restaurant, but forms of communication and flirting have. Dating has changed tremendously from back when our teachers were students to now.