With over 500 million active users, Tik Tok has dominated all other social media apps with their dances and trends. However, we would not know Tik Tok as it is today without the popular tik tokers on the app, including those attending Poway High.
Freshman Jazzy Desilva is one of the many popular Tik Tok users here with over 99,000 followers. “My favorite aspect about being a Tik Toker is I get to make people laugh and smile, and any chance I get to make someone happy— I will take it,” Desilva said. Her most popular video, where a smiley face turns into her face, has over four million views and 561,000 likes. Jazzy charms her followers with her funny personality and fresh new video ideas.
Senior Matt Walker started off Tik Tok with making baseball-themed videos and now has over 300,000 followers. “My friends got me into doing Tik Toks when we wanted to make some baseball stereotypes and doing something we love into a video,” Walker said. Matt’s most popular video, where he makes a bet with viewers, has over five million views and 628,000 likes.
Sophomores Tiana and Angelina Belway have just recently joined the Tik Tok community but already gained over 25,000 followers. “Our brother, Tommy Belway got famous off of Tik Tok, and then we thought how funny it would be if one of our videos went viral, so we started an account and one of our videos got us 18,000 followers in one night,” the Belway Twins said. Their most popular video, where they do a popular trend, has over 577,900 views and 156,000 likes. The sisters crack their audience up with their funny comedy clips and dances.
Being influencers on a big social media platform like Tik Tok, allows users to express themselves in a carefree way.