From Outback Steakhouse to the newly-founded Chick-Fil-A on Poway Road, the city of Poway is filled with loads of well-known food places, but there are a few under-the-radar local restaurants that stand out.
Chamoy Tacos and Fruit, a Mexican restaurant on Poway Road, has gained popularity, although still not widely-known. They have lots of food options, including burritos, tacos and seafood.
“There are so many great options on the menu,” freshman Miah Garcia said. “I order something different every time I go.”
Their most popular item off the menu is the carne asada fries and burrito.
“I really like carne asada burrito because they put enough guacamole on it,” junior Emma Wahlsten said.
“Aside from the delicious food, it’s really convenient since it’s drive thru. The whole restaurant was an amazing addition to Poway,” Garcia added.
Smokin J’s BBQ is a new barbeque spot, located off Midland Road.
Their menu features briskets, pulled pork, baby back ribs and smoked chicken, served with their own homemade barbecue sauce, which has gained popularity around town.
“The ribs were the best item, and the food was the best part,” freshman Dylan Barbick said.
After their Dec. 14 opening, they had to close temporarily to restock on food, and they have been featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune.
Another diner is Nutmeg Bakery on Sabre Springs Parkway.
There is lots to choose from on the menu.
Their most popular dishes are the French Toast, Nutmeg Scramble and Amazing Burrito.
Senior Karissa Allensworth says her favorite meal is the Nutmeg Scramble.
“I really like the veggies they mix with the eggs. It gives a spicy kick!” Allensworth added.
They also feature pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options to be able to serve not just the majority, but everybody.
Between Nutmeg Bakery, Smokin J’s BBQ, Chamoy’s Tacos and beyond, the city of Poway has some of the best food options in the county.