Genny Ramirez, Staff writer

From the strains of quality communication to the trials of balance, being in a relationship is no easy task. However, steps can be made to encourage happiness.
Communication is important to avoid the development of a toxic relationship.
“Communicate to help understand actions and feelings of your boyfriend or girlfriend instead of assuming their intentions or feelings,” science teacher Rachel Bahn said.
Keep feelings clear especially if the other person wants a serious relationship.
“Don’t play around with people’s feelings. Tell your partner your feelings about them before the relationship gets serious,” sophomore Chelsea Vizcarra said.
People can foster a healthy relationship by hanging out and getting to know each other.
“Make sure to do fun stuff together, and don’t wait longer than 24 hours to talk about your feelings,” counselor Jamie Brown said.
Maintaining a balance between school, friends, and a relationship is also helpful. Senior Jason Miranda looks for balance by “Keeping a healthy relationship with my friends as well as making sure I keep my grades up and staying true to my goals. Along with my girlfriend’s goals.”
Supporting a partner as well as yourself makes for a positive relationship.
“Your partner should respect you like you should respect them,” junior Ashley Juarez said.
A partner who gets along with the family can also be helpful.
“If your boyfriend doesn’t like your family, it is a no. You cut them off. Period,” sophomore Emily Aparicio said.