Face masks and alone time are not the only ways to practice self love.
“At the end of every day, I reflect upon my decisions and write in my journal. This allows me to evaluate my decisions and become my best self. The next day, I try to change my attitude or fix my mistakes from the previous day. If I’m happy, then I am loving myself,” sophomore Kate Bylsma said.
Self-love strengthens personal mindsets and allows people to know what they think, feel, and want.
Self-love means to embrace one’s unique personality, and express the energy that represents who they are.
Doing things for yourself help strengthen self-love.
“To achieve self-love, I do what makes me happy. For me, this is moving my body through soccer, field hockey, running, and workouts. Happiness comes best to me when I am active,” freshman Kiara Bowser said.
Bowser also finds that outreach and leadership opportunities on campus make her a better version of herself.
“I am able to surround myself with great people in ASB and leadership, allowing me to feel comfortable in my own skin,” she said.
Surrounding oneself with uplifting friends and family helps Titans become better characters with balanced mindsets.
Many Titans have noticed significant positive changes after taking time to reflect on what makes them happy and prioritizing those activities.
“Loving myself has allowed me to be more confident, and it’s allowed me to be more deeply connected with others,” senior Barry Kilmister said.
Psychology Today states self care can come from proper nutrition and sleep, regular exercise, and healthy relationships.
We give up too easily on the dreams and visions we have for our lives due to doubt in ourselves.
Reflecting through journaling, staying active, hanging out with friends, and playing music are all ways to practice self-love. Self-love is about finding a balance in life.