Home EC Needs a Comeback


Ben Truong, Staff Writer

Learning to cook and how to care for a family were once topics you could learn in a Home Ec class here at Poway prior to 2009. 

Home Economics is essential at Poway because it prepares students for a life ahead of high school and it provides additional electives to take. 

Home Ec classes have been absent from the curriculum of Poway High for the last decade and many students on campus ponder the question “why it was taken away?” 

 “I believe that it was gotten rid of in 2009 due to budget cuts. In addition to budget cuts, many were cut because they did not meet the districts expectations of A-G requirements,” Erin Canning said. 

After high school, Titans enter the “real world” without education that could help them become independent. Skills that need to be taught include financial and household management as well as how to become independent in college or the work space. 

According to HuffPost, Home Ec classes were initially created to make running the home more efficient and to instill household values. Life skills such as doing laundry, filing taxes, and cooking are essential for life, and tons of students have never learned many of the life skills needed to live on their own.

While we do have the internet, a hands-on home ec class would benefit students tremendously. Reading articles and watching YouTube on the internet is nothing compared to learning through experience in a class.

Students would learn to make their lives more efficient and it would set them up for a productive future. 

Some argue that Home Ec classes are impractical, expensive, and that it would take time away from other classes, but many health problems have arisen since the removal of Home Ec and its revival would help to solve everyday issues. 

Many Americans don’t know how to cook, resulting in alarming health concerns due to the rising popularity of processed foods according to Smithsonian Magazine. 

“The most devastating factor was that students were no longer being taught the skills necessary to learn how to cook for themselves, necessary nutrition information, ways to save themselves money, and job skills that could help get them through college,” Canning said.

Additionally, many are left scratching their heads on how to file taxes and how to raise a family later on. 

Home Ec’s original purpose still proves to be relevant in the modern age and while it may seem irrelevant to reintroduce at Poway High, its benefits are lifelong. 

“Having this class return would provide more viable career options for those who may be looking for trade school preparation. I also think that this type of class would allow students to get the practical time to work on cooking skills so that they can create a healthier lifestyle for themselves,” Canning said. 

The fundamental purpose of school is to educate students for the future and most importantly life itself. Home Ec would fulfill this purpose, and it would complete an essential role in teaching students how to become independent young adults.