Abraxas High School students will now be able to access basic hygiene needs. Abraxas was given a grant from the county to make shower and laundry facilities that will help certain students who do not have easy access to these facilities. 

This has even gotten the attention of people outside of the San Diego area. The Los Angeles Times gave their attention as they published an article about the improvements Abraxas has made.

“Providing access to convenient shower and laundry options will allow these students to address consistently their basic personal needs while maintaining their privacy and dignity,” Associate for Business Services Ron Little said.

Abraxas received a $25,000 with the purpose of buying a washer, dryer and constructing a shower facility. The funding they received came from the San Diego County Neighborhood reinvestment program. The Principal of Abraxas High, Alain Henry was a big advocate for the project as well. 

“By having a place where kids can get a shower and get their clothes clean, it normalizes things,” principal Alain Henry said.

 The investment is targeted to help students that lack a permanent residence or youth in transition, that make up a small percentage of the students at Abraxas. It is intended to help these kids focus more on school and alleviate some stress about their hygiene. 

“Its cool how Abraxas cares about their students like that, maybe something like that could be done here at Poway High,” Poway High junior Michael Davis said. 

The washer and dryer will soon be installed for student use and the shower is going to take some time until completion, most likely before the end of the school year.