Ambassadors Inspire Titans of Tomorrow


This year, the ambassador program began a mentor ship program with Garden Road Elementary school.
Titan Ambassadors are a select group of individuals who visit elementary and middle schools in the district to teach younger students about character.
The ambassadors put on interactive skits for elementary schoolers to model positivity and the six character pillars: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Citizenship.
Ten ambassadors go to Garden Road every Wednesday for 30 minutes for ten weeks starting Dec. 11 and help out a student who would benefit from a positive figure in their life, or extra support. Each ambassador participating in this program is assigned a student to support. They help out their students by playing games, coloring, or making Lego towers.
“I really wanted to work in the mentoring program because it allowed for me to make a connection with one kid and learn who they actually are as a person and not who they are on the playground,” ambassador Amaya Aladross said.
Ambassadors also help out students at Twin Peaks Middle School.
They visit TPMS on the last Wednesday of each month to encourage students who are nervous about high school or who need some motivation.
Middle schoolers are able to ask the ambassadors any questions they have about activities, clubs, or sports on campus, and how to join.
“My first time I went to Twin Peaks, I really connected with this girl named Jaseline. We connected on a personal basis because she is Puerto Rican, and since I speak Spanish, we really connected on the ability to speak Spanish with each other.
For her, seeing someone like me who is a leader she can connect with made her feel like she could succeed in high school,” ambassador Jordan Nguyen said.
The ambassadors hope to continue this program next trimester and school year.
“This program helps all of those included,” senior Ally Hofmaister said.