Over the past decade, Poway High has seen a lot of changes on campus, from a shift in administration to the elimination of paid parking permit. It seems like the school is constantly evolving. Though, several teachers have stayed Titans and seen it all.

Students styles have definitely changed from 10 years ago when girls were wearing dresses, skirts, and tight jeans, they’ve been wearing loose cargo pants or the well known mom jeans.

According to staff fashion has seen some highs and lows on campus. “Lace up jeans were quite funny to look at,” said Pillsbury. Students have strayed from the classic trucker hats and puffy jackets to a little casual look but don’t be fooled they are still making bold fashion statements. 

When it comes to advancements in technology student-teacher and parent-teacher communication has improved with more accessible reminders through MyConnect and services like Remind. Students being able to have “access to online support if a teacher is unavailable” and it also saves schools “millions upon millions not having to buy thousands of textbooks” for every subject for every student said science teacher Mr. Manly.

When asked “What was the highlight of the decade for you?” the answer of “my grandkids being born” from Mrs. Jolk is definitely one of the best things to happen to anyone. 

Teachers, friends, and even styles come and go but some stick around to the end and we are beyond thankful for it. Through change and alteration of school and our lives the 2010s was pretty spectacular to say the least.