Time Capsule: Digging up our decade


Autumn Zusman, Online Editor

From the explosion of social media’s popularity to a presidential change, this decade has had many defining moments that have influenced our childhoods and development.
Between trends and technological advances, the 2010’s are worth remembering, and Titans have opinions about what they would put in a time capsule.
At Poway High there have been so many great memories that happened this decade, such as earning academic, scholastic, and scholarships.
“Getting into Chapman University was definitely one of the best moments of my year, I’d love to put my letter of admittance into a time-capsule to look back on and remember the excitement I felt in that moment,” senior Sophia Knapp said.
Other than academics, moments of greatness in athletics and student leadership alike occurred on campus.
“I would put my Titan Ambassador card in a time capsule because it showcases my important role on campus and the things I like to participate on and off campus like Peer Counseling, Link Crew, Fight Against Hunger, and martial arts,” senior Jordan Nguyen said.
The time capsule will retain valuables that hold meaning beyond their literal purpose.
While keeping these memories of all the crucial events that will never be forgotten, one includes the devastating death of student Chelsea King in 2012, which could be represented by one of the bracelets from the awareness-raising races started by Chelsea’s parents.
“I think she personified life to live to the fullest and brought the campus together in a way that it has never been seen before,” Curt Lewis said.
The time capsule would have the ability to hold not only memories from the happy moments, but also memories from the sad. Moments we are devastated by, but remain a crucial element of out Titan identity.
Whether you win championship trophies, travel to new places, or get your license, everyone has memories and a great way to treasure them forever is to seal them in a time capsule.
What would you want to put in the capsule? Click the link below to enter a suggestion!!