As the years go by, it seems like Christmas comes sooner every year. People go shopping for Halloween and boom! there’s Santa Claus and his elves with big sale signs all over.

Although this may be good for sales it disrupts the Thanksgiving holiday and takes away from family time and changes everyone to think about what they want for Christmas instead.

This year the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas is six days fewer than last year. That’s because Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of the month, and this is the latest it has been since 2013. That is terrifying news to hear as a retailer; fewer days means fewer money. So what is the solution to their problem? They start selling Christmas decorations the day of Halloween in order to make the most profit possible.

According to an article by INC Magazine, many stores make 20% of their profit during the Christmas time. When they heard that the shopping season was gonna be shorter, they had to think of all the possible ways to make sure they make the most out of it.

This year, Walmart started selling Christmas decor on Oct. 25, the earliest ever. Target on the other hand spent an additional 50 million dollars just to train their employees in order to provide the best service during the winter holidays according to INC Magazine.

We are used to seeing Christmas decor during Thanksgiving but Halloween is too soon. It’s too early to stock up on Christmas decorations and it does not give shoppers the opportunity to stop and just think about Thanksgiving with their families.

Black Friday deals began a whole week before Thanksgiving, leaving people thinking about those deals instead of focusing on what they are thankful for with this holiday.

When I walked into the store excited to finally decorate my hopes were crushed when I saw that many Christmas items were out of stock. People cleared the shelves the day they saw it in store when it was for sale. I felt like this ruined the spirit of Christmas because now, people who care about Thanksgiving are left with barely any Christmas items in store.

Christmas is a beloved holiday, but I think that stores can wait until after Thanksgiving to start those big holiday sales. At this pace Thanksgiving will be a Christmas holiday.