Red Ribbon Reinforces The Right Way

Red Ribbon Week brought activities like a photobooth, giving out HUGs kisses candy, and Drug Fact Games to students with the help from Student Services and Friday Night Live club.
Friday Night Live helps with activities that promote awareness of ATOD: alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
The week was filled with activities to promote involvement and spread awareness for living a drug-free life.
“This week is meant to be an ever present reminder most students do not smoke weed, do not vape, do not drink alcohol, even though we think everyone does. It is just because the people that do it are the most vocal about it, but they are the minority,” Struck said.
Throughout the week, club members gave out HUGs kisses candies and students were offered hugs. Hugs according to “Medicine Net” have been proven to release endorphins that bring out feelings of euphoria and well-being, the same chemical released when people partake in drugs and alcohol that leads to addiction.
Later in the week, students could put on marijuana or alcohol goggles and attempt to toss bean bags successfully.
“The outcome for this week is to hopefully teach the ones who don’t use substances to know that is the normal, and to encourage people who are using to maybe reconsider their actions,” Struck said. “We realize one week won’t change a life, but it is supposed to be a fun way to remember our values.”
To check out more information, Struck encourages students to check out http://teens.drugabuse.go/teens.
To expand the idea of a Natural High life Struck hopes to host ‘Escape the Vape’ week in December.