Josh Librato, Staff Writer

On the famous show, Jimmy Neutron, a character named Sheen collected earwax and loved to play with his precious toy, Ultra Lord as a hobby.
Similar to Sheen, Titans Hallie Casale, Tanmay Rohatgi, and Albin Sonny have hobbies of their own.
Junior Hallie Casale, collects miniature versions of life-sized objects. “I collect a variety of saucy little buggers. For example, I am the proud owner of a tiny deck of cards and quite a fancy violin. I have a bunch of other stuff too like mini tools and books and food and weird stuff like that,” Casale said.
“My favorite would most definitely be my tiny saxophone. It never disappoints, honestly… Truth be told, one day one thing after another happened and I was hiding my tiny object collection in my backpack like I was next on my strange addiction. I believe my hobby is severely under appreciated by the masses,” Casale said.
Senior Tanmay Rohatgi has many hobbies, including scuba diving, which he calls thrilling.
“The best part about it is being free to travel the vertical plane (up and down),” Rohatgi said.
“Also I was in Honduras for a research trip with Chrispeels and we were able to see a shark along with some manta rays,” Rohatgi added.
Junior Albin Sonny’s hobbies, includes music production.
“I make music whenever I am free, but my songs are not up to par yet, so I have not posted any online. My favorite type of music to make would be trap beats along with instrumentals of hi-hats and drums. Mainly because they are simple yet very fun to create,” Sonny said.
From collecting stamps to stargazing, hobbies let Titans enjoy life outside of the education grind.