Jonny Richardson, Staff Writer

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Across the nation, student-athletes are leaving their campus after a hard day of college classes. They have even harder work coming up for themselves; sports. Student-athletes work hard and most of them do not have time to get an early start on life and work jobs to make money. 


However, if a student has the willingness to work harder and to sacrifice what little time they have to take a break from work, they should be given the freedom to make their own choices. 

Before the state of California passed a bill that would allow college athletes to make a profit on their name through sponsorships and such, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) had a strict rule that forbids any player from making any money off their name. 


Fortunately, since the state of California passed the new bill, which was set to take effect in 2023, the NCAA rethought their decision and changed the rules so a player can make a profit through sponsorships and hire agents if they do so choose. 


The NCAA had a rule that had been created when the organization began and stuck with them for decades, but times change and so do rules. The NCAA did a great job handling the situation and changed a rule that needed to become modernized. 

The NCAA and its collegiate student athletes have worked together to get what is best for both parties and it was the right move for both.