Tennis captains take charge


Mackenzie Farnham, Staff Writer

   The result of the team’s hard work paid off in winning one of the greatest tournaments they have played.

   Senior captains Katherine Merrick, Cristel Villadiego, and Iris Hajdinak take charge of their team. Merrick has been playing for 12 years, and Hajdinak and Villadiego have played for four  years. 

    A highlight of her time as a Titan Hajdinakis winning CIF last year’s season. “My goal is to win CIFS this year and I think it is achievable for our team if we put 100% effort in the games and practices” Hajdnakis said. 

   Merrick is working on her game skills so she can improve with her skills and maybe get some extra scores for her team.“I am working on improving my game overall, such as my technique,” Merrick said. 

   The captains said, In the First Serve tournament august 27, they won second overall.  “It brought the team closer together,” Villadiego said. Their team’s strengths are the use of good communication, their positive attitude, and getting along with each other. 

   Villadiego loves tennis and loves being a captain for the team. She also likes being a CO captain with iris and katherine. She thinks the team has many strengths and she herself is trying to improve a little more. 

   “My goal is to be the best team captain,” Villadiego said.

   Teammates make positive comments when they get off the courts. Win or lose, for them it is always important to compliment their effort. 

   “I think it is very important to have a strong, positive, confident attitude when I’m playing, and it will definitely affect my performance overall,” Hajdinak said. 

   A big goal the team is working to accomplish is winning CIF. The team’s league matches prepared them well and the team believes they have a pretty good chance of winning this year. Merrick and the rest of her team is most excited to face the team they will play in their CIF tournament. 

   Although their toughest competition is Del Norte and Westview they always try their best and stay positive throughout the whole game. 

    Before eachs game they prepare by warming up and introducing themselves to their opponents. They sing their chant and say good luck.

    Hajdinak loves tennis because of its consistency and focus. 

   “I have to be completely in the game, and it gives me this sense of relaxation that I enjoy. It’s a great stress revolver and has you focused on one goal,” Hajdinak said.

Merrick, Villadiego, and Hadjnak have made a strong bond with all of the girls.