May 20, 2019

A long standing tradition at Poway High is the incorporation of class competitions in the pep rallies. The class competitions feature four teams representing each grade and they compete in fun games to see which class prevails.

These class competitions are a huge piece of the culture around our campus and there are certain unspoken rules that must be followed. Seniors are the only ones that are allowed to bend the rules in class competitions. All other grades must wait their turn just like everyone else and let the seniors win under any circumstances.

In the very first pep rally there was an incident where some unnamed sophomore competing in the class competition decided it would be acceptable to cheat and win the competition. This was not acceptable. The freshman wait, the sophomores wait, sort of, the juniors wait and once senior year rolls around it is your turn to have it all.

Around campus, some underclassmen have said that it is not fair that only seniors get to cheat. However, life is not fair, and this is just how it has always been done and it should be looked at as more of a rite of passage rather than unfair.

As of this year, every year prior has followed one basic principle: freshman, sophomores and junior must wait their turn until they get to the top. The seniors this year put up with three senior classes before them cheating their way to victory, and they now deserve their chance at glory.

Without a solid base of rules, the class competitions will make a dark turn for the worse. Sophomores kicking water bottles, freshmen using their hands when they’re not supposed to, the whole event was absolute chaos. Pep rallies will turn to complete anarchy. With no structure to these games, they will look unorganized, leaving an uninterested student section.

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