Fearing ‘The Fallout’


Rylee Harris , Staff Writer

Not all movies can catch people’s attention, but The Fallout had so many dark twists to it, it definitely caught mine.
Directed by Megan Park, the film is about how the main character, Vada (Maddie Ziegler) and her best friend Mia (Jenna Ortega), go through a traumatic event: a school shooting at her school. Ortega and Ziegler give amazing performances full of emotion.
The beginning of the movie focuses on how the school shooter can impact Vada’s life by so much, causing her to be scared of going outside and just leaving her room.
However, the story also looks at the perspective of her best friend Mia, who is home alone and will not even go anywhere as well, and how she struggles.
Later the story shows how Vada and Mia’s bond comes closer together and ends up going back to school. I think they have a lot of courage just being able to return after going through such a traumatic experience.
I love how great this movie is because it really shows how many people can deal with pain and grief.
I think people underestimate Ziegler’s acting because she is known for just dancing on Dance Moms, but she can really make the audience feel like they are in her shoes during the movie.
My favorite part of the movie is when Vada starts trying to get her life back on track even though she is going through a lot. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this movie and recommend it because it spreads awareness to schools. The Fallout is streaming on HBO Max for subscribers.