Black Student Union Making Changes One Day at a Time

Ryen Sciotto , Staff Writer

Senior Mariah Wingfield loves educating students on what it is like to be black in a predominantly white school. 

Wingfield expresses her passion for this sensitive topic going on in society, by participating in events in Poway to raise awareness. 

“I wanted to become president of the Black Student Union so I would be able to use my voice to make a change,” Wingfield says. She has seen previous Titans advocate against racism, and she wanted to do the same. 

The Black Student Union club plans on participating in “No Place for Hate” events, as well as painting a mural where?. The goal is to bring awareness to this cause and hope to lessen the racism on campus, as well as outside of campus. 

Students hope to see the spread of inclusivity among different racial groups to decrease racism.

“This year we plan to make the most of being back on campus to really make a difference and make Poway High School a place where racism doesn’t occur,” Wingfield said. She wants to raise awareness on this topic by having a voice. 

SeniorDontae Knighten, secretary of the Black Student Union club supports Wingfield’s goals. “She has big plans this year, and it’ll be interesting to see how they go being back on campus,” he said.

Senior, Eric Gant, treasurer of Black Student Union club is looking forward to what’s to come for the club. “I’m excited to be back in person . . .  I’m mostly excited for the mural,” Gant said.

Black Student Union club meets every Monday in room K1 during lunch. Anyone can join, it’s an open environment for anyone!