Titans Involved During School Reopening

How covid has made students more passionate about school events and participation

Ashley Perez, Feature Editor

“Yes for sure, now that the pandemic is starting to settle down I think I will definitely start doing better with school. I already have been doing better, and as far as school activities go, I’ve joined a lot more clubs than I’ve had the opportunity to in the past couple years. I’m starting to go out of my comfort zone and I am willing to try new things.” – freshman Harmony Zanie
“I want to be more involved in school activities this year as there are more opportunities to join clubs and extracurriculars. I think school activities are what makes high school fun and special. I moved to Poway this summer, so clubs, dances, and games help me to be more involved and make friends here. I’m very excited to be able to finally participate in after school activities now that we are all in person.” – sophomore Bella Myers
“Now that COVID-19 has calmed down, I definitely think that I’m going to try to be more involved in school activities. I lost a year and a half of my high school experience, so I really just want to try everything I can and live life to the fullest.”- Junior Hope Islas
“I am for sure going to try and be more involved at school. Not only with events that we have and clubs, but also with my teachers and my peers. I am excited to finally be back in school and to be able to come back refreshed and ready for a great year full of memories”. – Senior Jonathan Garay