Swim season starts after being cut short last year.

Swimmers return to the pool while following covid protocols.


Corinne Loosbrock, Staff Writer

Last year, swimmers got their new swim season cut short with only completing two dual meets. This year, they hope to see some of the accomplishments they planned for last year’s season. 

Swim season has looked very different in previous years than it does with COVID protocols this year. In the past, the team could have six swimmers hanging on the same wall and spectators cheering at swim meets.  In previous years, swimmers would do dryland workouts such as weightlifting and running, but this year they have to stay in the pool.

“We can still have fun this year just need to follow COVID protocols, which includes staying spaced out during swim practices” Coach Michelle Ford said. 

In March 2020, swim clubs shut down as well and did not restart until a few months later. Most of the swimmers are not on club teams which means they have not been in the pool for almost a year. 

“I think that we will have to work harder to get in shape because everyone has taken such a long break,” junior Nateal Jackson said. 

Swimmers are still going to have both home and away swim meets.

 “It’s been a long year, and it started with our season getting cut short last year. I’m excited to be back at school swimming and surrounded by friends. It should be a good year,” junior Kayne Collins said.

The first official meet will be Feb. 25. The season shouldn’t look too different this year.