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Another year, another NBA season. With every season comes the All Star break, where some of the games best come out to show their talent. All Star break takes place mostly in the middle of the season. There are many fun events that take place such as the Celebrity All Star Game, The Rising Stars Game, The Skills Challenge, The Dunk Contest, The Three Point Contest, and the Main All Game. With so many fun events that take place it sure does pack the weekend with entertainment. This year was as amazing as the years previous.

The first game was the Celebrity All Star game which is full basketball game with many celebrities. However many shared the opinion that the celebrities this year were very lackluster. Their were only a few notable names such as Ray Allen ( NBA Hall of Famer) , Quavo( Famous Rapper from Migos), JB Smoove( Comedian) and many former basketball players and current WNBA player. Overall I felt the game was fun even if they didn’t bring in top notch celebrities. The interesting is that the game had a four point line which is something we have never seen before. Many were hit throughout the game so it kept the game entertaining. Overall it wasn’t a bad game and the MVP of the game was a basketball impersonator Famous Los.

After that was the Rising Stars game. Which features only the best players coming off their      freshman/sophomore years in the league. This was an amazing game with many fun highlights.l also believed this just shows how good of shape the NBA is because they have all  these young players going out and doing amazing things. These players are the future of the NBA and to see them go out there and put on an amazing show, it’s exciting. The MVP of the game was Kyle Kuzma from the Los Angeles Lakers. His stat line consisted of 35 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists. Overall great game for all of these young guys as almost everyone scored in double digits. That was it for the first day of All Star weekend.

On the second day of All Star Weekend there were 3 notable events. The first event that took place was the Skills Challenge. Where there is a obstacle course involving basketball activities such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. This is a very fun little tournament to get the crowd hyped for later events. The participants were Nikola Jokic,.Nikola Vucevic, Mike Conley, Jayson Tatum, De’aaron Fox,Trae Young, Luka Donic, and Kyle Kuzma. It was a very close tournament with many exciting rounds. The craziest part had to be the finish, with Trae Young and Jayson Tatum facing off it looked like Trae Young was about to finish and win when suddenly Jayson Tatum launches a half court prayer and banks it in. So in a stunning finish Jayson Tatum wins it all. That was very good build up for the next event the Three Point Contest. This year had many amazing shooters. The participants were Seth Curry, Steph Curry, Buddy Hield, Damian Lillard , Kemba Walker, Khris Middleton, Devin Booker,  Danny Green, Joe Harris, and Dirk Nowitzki. Many thought that it was a no brainer that Stephen Curry was going to win because he is regarded as one of the best shooters ever. However in stunning fashion, Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets beat Stephen in the final round. Many were shocked but very impressed. The crazy thing about that is that Joe Harris almost didn’t even get invited to compete in it. Overall the three point contest was great. Then for the main event of Saturday was the dunk contest. The four participants were Miles Bridges, Hamidou Diallo, Dennis Smith Jr, and John Collins. Now this was very exciting to watch but at the same time very anticlimactic. Their just wasn’t many new dunks and I found myself frustrated because of how many missed dunks their were. It could have been better but many of the most talented dunkers don’t want to compete because risk of injury. However one hidden gem of the event was Hamidou Diallo. Diallo did something amazing dunks and had the dunk of the night with him jumping over 7’1”  Shaquille O’neal and hanging on the rim with his elbow in. Overall it was a solid dunk contest but definitely wasn’t one of the best. That wraps ups Saturdays activities. Now for the final day of All Star Weekend. On Sunday only one event took place and that was the NBA All Star game. Their were two team captains, Team Lebron James vs Team Giannis Antetokounmpo. It was a great game to watch especially with Lebron’s team making a big comeback to win the game 178 – 164. Highlight of the night however took place on Team Giannis team when Steph Curry bounced the ball of the ground really hard and then out of nowhere Giannis comes flying through the air to catch it for a slam dunk. Overall it was a great game to watch with many fun highlights. The NBA All Star MVP however was Kevin Durant. He put up an amazing statline that consisted of 31 points, 7 rebound, and 2 assists. To rap it up All star weekend did not disappoint and was really entertaining to watch.


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