Happy Death Day 2 Review


Their is a new horror film out called Happy Death Day 2, which is a sequel to the first movie Happy Death Day where main character Tree Gelben gets stuck reliving her birthday over and over again getting killed by the same person with a creepy baby face mask. She thought it was over until things start getting really weird again. The movie has just enough jump scares and storytelling to where it balances out. Overall I feel like this is more of a Syfy movie rather than actual horror. However the story is very interesting and I feel that the movie was very good. I was a little confused on how the sequel was going to be made but I think the producer really did a good job continuing the story.

One main reason I wanted to see this is because of the lovable cast. They kept all the same actors from the first movie and utilized almost all of them in this movie. I found out I really enjoyed getting to see them get screen time. It’s just good character development throughout. I liked the movie a lot also for its mix of genres. With some scenes being pretty scary with unanticipated jumpscares, to then making me laugh in the next scene. There’s also syfy that comes with it too with the multiple universes theory. I feel like the mix of genres really does help the movie rather than hurt it. With many movies comes the deeper meaning behind it. With this I feel it was to choose what is right even if it means its giving up something you love. I didn’t think that this movie could have followed up the first one but it proved me wrong and did and it was actually pretty good. Overall I found myself enjoying the movie and is a fun one to watch with your friends.


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