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Straight A’s? Involved? AND IN A SINGLET? This description can only belong to the one and only junior Jason Miranda this issue’s Titan of the Month. This model Titan never ceases to amaze, as he competitively wrestles year round and still manages to keep up with school and his social life.

Walking the halls of Poway High, Miranda strolls with pride, as he sees the friends and teammates he has grown close to through the years.

“The sport of wrestling creates such a strong bond…I feel like my best friends are the kids on the team,” the 126-pounder said.

Friends of Miranda appreciate his humor, sincerity, and dedication to the Bible.

“Having him around in my life makes me strive to do more. Since I live so far away from the high school, I have sometimes spent the night at his house for like four days in a row,” Miranda’s wrestling partner Zane Stoddard said. “He does so much for me honestly…anyone that has been blessed to have him in their life should be grateful.”

With such incredible relationships with teammates like Stoddard, Jason has taken on the position of captain of the world-class program of around 50 wrestlers.

“I knew that there were a lot of seniors last year so someone had to step up, so I figured why not me,” Miranda said with a laugh.

Though humble, Miranda goes above and beyond to connect with his team.

“He likes to hold weekly Bible studies, inviting around 14 teenage boys into his house, providing food and preaching the gospel,” Stoddard explained. “The wrestling team used to be very cliquey, but at Bible study we have bonded together and are stronger than ever.”

With the support of his teammates and incredible work ethic, Miranda has been wildly successful on the mat.

“My biggest highlights in high school would be placing fifth in the state tournament last year as a sophomore and placing third this year. I was also able to become an All-American this year which I was pretty happy about,” Miranda said.

Off of the mat, Miranda is an excellent student. Through his three years at Poway High he has maintained straight A’s even through the rigor of AP classes.

“Yeah..I have a 99% in Honors PreCalc right now,” Miranda said with a smirk.

Even after the countless tests, speeches, and AOWs, Miranda was able to secure a 26-4 record for this season, earning him the state rank of third and national rank of 13. But even though the season has ended, this super-star has no plans of resting.

“In the future, I’m planning on becoming a state champion,” Miranda said with determination.

Through it all, this Titan is the real deal, and while HE isn’t, his character, academics, and top-notch personality are easy to pin down.

126lbs Jason Miranda (Poway (SD)) DEC Victor Jacinto (Gilroy (CC)), 6-4
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