Law in Action field trip


The new course Law in Action has students shocked with the amount of valuable information it offers. It gives students who want to study law in the future or learn more about it have the opportunity to do so. Students also learn real-life things like paying bills and taxes. It is offered for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. History teacher and former lawyer, Julie Easter teaches it.

“It was a cool learning experience you don’t get from normal classes. We learn how to protect ourselves in the future and keep us out of trouble,” senior Adam Storms said.

There was a field trip to the courthouse in Downtown, San Diego. This field trip is offered for strictly seniors because that was the specific judges orders.

“ It was a very amazing experience to see a judge in a courtroom. I saw a tubular murder case, and it was a fun experience I will never forget,” senior Taylor Johnson said.

Students were able to experience real life cases and trials and were able to pick the trial they want want to see based on the trials going on that day.

They were also able to ask questions. The upcoming field trip is going to be March 27 and it’s going to be similar to the previous one, but this time students will not only be able to observe trials, but also create their own mock trial. This field trip will be offered for juniors and seniors.

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