Chess Club


Surprisingly, Chess club is one of the most eventful clubs on campus. It takes place every Thursday during lunch, in history teacher Jordan McKee’s room N5-204. The club mainly consists of sophomores and is class run by its president, sophomore Miles Wingfield and vice president, sophomore Zack Allumns.

“The purpose of the club is to give people something fun to do during lunch. You can come in to play chess or just come in and hang out with your friends,” Wingfield said.

Chess club is an all-inclusive club, and members are not required to attend every week. It is a place where members can go to find something fun to do, sit around and eat lunch, or to even meet some new people.

“There are usually around 30 to 40 people who come in every week. Not everyone plays chess, but some people do, and Mr. McKee walks around the room to help people learn how to play,” Allumns said.

Most of the people in the club are new to playing chess, so they enjoy playing fun and not-so-serious games of chess. “It is fun being able to play chess against my friends in the way that we want to play. The games that I play don’t last too long and are always enjoyable,” sophomore Daniel Fox said.

“Everyone who attends the club always has a great time while they are here. Having the club once a week is a perfect amount of time to hang out and enjoy a good game of chess,” Wingfield said.

Although playing a game of chess may not be for everyone, chess club will always be a great time, no matter what.


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