Parking made impossible here at Poway!

LILY ARVIZU/ In-Depth Editor

Every morning, students scramble to find a parking spot to get to class on time. Unfortunately, many students are trapped in the seemingly endless cycle of circling the parking lot hoping to find a lucky spot. It can feel like a daunting task to park in the morning as the lots are swarmed with late students and parents dropping off their kids. If they do not have time to walk to the dreaded lot north of the football field, students are often forced to park illegally in order to not be tardy, whether that be in staff lots or “parking spots” which are not spots at all.

Unlike most high schools, there are no designated lots for specific grades. Upperclassmen are often frustrated when they are running late for an important class and a newly licensed sophomore snags the last open spot. Then, they are forced to park in the far lot, which is a long walk from the school, making them even later for class.

“Parking in the lot near the football field always makes me late no matter what, and it is frustrating that I am a senior and it is often my only option because of the lack of open spots,” senior Cynthia Lockyer said.

Seniors should be designated a lot, as they have earned seniority and have put in the time to earn it. Although they would have to wait their turn to park in the closer lot, this would give the lower classmen something to look forward to senior year. The school should designate lots for grade levels, as it would eliminate a lot of the morning confusion and circling of the parking lot.

“It would be a lot easier to park in the same lot every day. It is so hard to park in the morning and that would fix the problem if we all could park in the same lot every day,” senior Kate Daugherty said.

Also, parents of students who do not drive should be required to drop off their children in the front of school. Parents who drop their children off in the senior lots cause traffic and contribute to the parking problem, as students are often forced to wait behind stagnant cars. If parents knew they could be ticketed for waiting in student lots, then they would only drop their kids in the front of the school.

Designating grade determined lots and redirecting student drop offs would allow mornings to run a lot smoother for everyone.


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