Titans Try to Divy up their time


Many coaches claim students should be students first, then athletes but where does work fit into that? School, work, sports, social life there are too many things to do throughout the day, but which should really come first?

It should obviously be school first. Then it should be work because students are able to make money and start getting a look into the real life after high school. Even if students are headed to college, they may at some point need to pick up some sort of job. Having prior work experience can still be helpful to them. Sports should then come after school and work because sports are for fun unless one is truly dedicated to their sport and wants to go pro in the future or play in college.

Most coaches are not supportive of this because they think that sports should come right after being a student when really there are other priorities.

That is not to say that being on a team should not be regarded as a serious commitment, but student-athletes should be given a set number of days throughout the season that they would be able to miss practice due to a work-related excused absence.

Overall students should focus on school as a priority but also be able to miss a couple of practices due to their work schedule and should not be punished for it.



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