Poway’s Lean Mean Driving Machine

CADEN VERMILYEA/ Pop Culture Editor

Logan Rethmeier is an all-around star. His excellence in and out of the classroom makes him a prime role model for aspiring underclassmen athletes. Some people say that golf is boring, however someone like Rethmeier prove this wrong.

He brings an intense personality that does nothing but excite. His athletic ability is obvious.  At 5’ 10” and 170 lbs, Rethmeier is a lean mean driving machine (of the golf ball not his supercharged challenger) and his game is exciting to watch.

Rethmeier first began his golf career during sophomore year where he initially stumbled but improved by the end of the season. Now Rethmeier is an all-league caliber player and hopes to make a run into regionals and beyond for his senior season.

The team played decently last season, but struggled in the playoffs placing 4th in Palomar league. Rethmeier had a 4.63 differential and held the number four spot on the roster. He and other senior Caden Vermilyea hope to lead the titans to another great season with possibly a happier ending.

“I better have a sub 1 differential this season,” Rethmeier said about his expectations this season. A differential is the average strokes over par per nine holes. He is clearly confident in his ability and knows that as long as he keeps focus throughout the season he can help lead his team to a league championship and maybe more.

Outside of golf Rethmeier works very hard inside the classroom and plans to further his academic and golf career at Palomar College next fall. He plans to go in as a business major to hopefully pull a lucrative job when coming out of college.

“I want to go to Palomar because I know that if I keep my grades up I get automatic acceptance into a UC school,” Rethmeier said. His passion and drive is what makes him stand out both in the classroom and on the golf course.

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