Under Classmen Brave the Unknown


Being a sophomore on varsity is already an amazing feat. But starting and playing the whole game is beyond impressive. That’s where Andrew Vann comes in. After transferring from Scripps Ranch High School at the beginning of the year, he quickly made the varsity soccer team and made a huge impact.

“Andrew just has that special something that kids his age just don’t. Watching the kid play is crazy. Everything is just effortless, and he moves past opponents like they aren’t even there,”  Coach Gene Morris said.

There are many things that make great players. Skill is huge, but they also need to be a supportive player on and off the field.

“Andrew never lets things get to his head or make his spirit go down. If someone messes up, he’s always there encouraging them. He never yells or makes someone feel bad because he knows how important motrale is in a team. This is all without mentioning his skill. He’s only a sophomore and will get better, which is just wild to me. He’s going to do great things,” teammate Sean Fallon said.

Coming to a new school can be scary for some kids and getting out into a team with upperclassmen is just terrifying. Most kids need time to adjust and see how things go, but not Andrew.

“Maybe at first I was nervous, but the team has been really welcoming, and when I got there on the field, everything just went away. Poway’s spirit is completely different from Scripps. It’s a great community, and the people are so nice. I’m excited to be part of this school for the rest of my high school career,” Vann said.

Vann finished his season with two goals and two assists and won player of the game at Poways CIF final game against Westview where they ended as CIF runner-ups.

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