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Sex education in schools is necessary to spread awareness of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and help students maintain their health. With President Trump cutting approximately $300 million dollars of teen pregnancy prevention programs across the United States, it is important that every teenager has access to sex education. The majority of these programs were located in areas with populations of minorities and lower-income families, where teen pregnancy is more likely to occur.

This type of education typically occurs in health classes on campus. Erin Canning teaches the health class here at Poway High School, which is a mandatory class to take before graduation.

Within the sex education section of the health class, students learn about safe sex and how to prevent STDs. Compared to abstinence-only sex education; this teaching makes students more aware and knowledgeable about how to be safe and healthy. Abstinence only education is ineffective and leads to more teen pregnancy than sex education.

According to a study in the September issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, abstinence-only sex education does not prevent teenagers from having sex. These people do not have enough knowledge about contraceptives to have sex safe and are putting themselves at risk to the dangers of STDs and teen pregnancy.

Sex education is debated in the United States because people think that it will lead to more sex, which is not true. Everyone deserves to have this information which will lead to safer, healthier people.

Another important component of sex education is consent, which teaches people how to say no and how to respect other people’s wishes. Overall, this leads to a safer and smarter group of future adults.

“I think sex education makes people more likely to be safe and know about their own bodies”, junior Bjondina Sopi said.

It is crucial that students are taught about STDs because if they are not taught about them they may not know how to identify the symptoms or know to get tested.

Additionally, sex education provides information about contraceptives and pregnancy, which reminds people what can happen when people have sex. In order to prevent teen pregnancy, students should be taught about condoms and other forms of birth control.

Overall, sex education is necessary in school and abstinence-only sex education is ineffective and can lead to harm down the road. Everyone deserves to be provided with information and education about sex, and the possible consequences of this including pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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