Padres Sign Million Dollar Deal

HENRY WAGNER/ Sports Editor

Many Poway High students are excited for the new baseball season with the recent off season moves. The San Diego Padres have signed four-time all star third base man Manny Machado to a 10 year 300 million dollar deal. This is a franchise record signing for the small market Padres.

San Diego has been known the last several years for being an up-and-coming team with the best minor league farm system in the MLB (Major League Baseball). While having rising stars is important, many fans have been frustrated by the results and lack of big name players coming through the Padres’ organization.

“I am hyped to have a big-name player like Manny on our team. It will bring crowds to Petco and inspire the young players on San Diego’s team. I hope we can make the playoffs soon,” senior Dylan Schram said.

The 26 year old Machado will bring experience and winning ways to the young Padres’ clubhouse.

Many fans are questioning on whether or not the team can afford the 300 million dollar price tag of Machado. With their young talented farm system the Padres will be able to produce good prospects, which will help them attract other high caliber players. San Diego will never be able to compete with the money of the big markets of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago but buying players like Machado is a start to making the playoffs.

“Machado is lock down at third base and is worth every penny of the contract. The Pads will have a stud for the next ten years they can build their team around,” senior Taylor Johnson said.

The Padres’ chances of making the playoffs is rising as they sign experienced All Stars and develop their young farm talent.

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