Differences Between Growing up with and without siblings


Siblings are the ones you fight with over shotgun in the car, steal clothes from, and have to share your parents’ attention with. But, they are also the ones who are your best friends and are always there for you.

Even though most people are constantly annoyed with their siblings, they also appreciate that they have someone who teaches them how to share, have patience, and are reliable.

“Growing up with my sister, at times we did not agree we had to learn how to apologize and compromise, which has helped me in the times I have fought with my best friends,”senior Taylor Elias said.

I have three siblings, but I have friends who are, and they constantly interrupt and steal the spotlight away from other people. It is hard to learn the skills of sharing and compromise as an only child.

“As an only child I feel that I am the number one priority for both of my parents, and I would never want anyone else to take that away from me,” senior Tevai DeMello said.

Growing up with siblings can teach you more discipline, selflessness, and how to accept no for an answer. Only children are often more stubborn and selfish.

In life and in the workforce, having skills such as teamwork and respect for other people is essential and taught from a young age.

But if you are your parents only child, your voice is heard more than someone who has to share their parents ears with others in the family.

People who grow up alone sometimes are not too good of a problem solver or listener,since they have never built the argument skills that arise from siblings quarrels.

Even though I believe only children lack some of the skills that siblings can expose you to, being an only child may have to live up to higher expectations.

According to Psychology Today, Carl E Pickhardt in his article, The Adolescent Only Child said “Because parents typically make a high investment in nurturing and providing for the child, they often have a high expectation of return”. Only children often are overachievers because they are constantly the focus of their parents’ attention.

Whether you are an only child or one of many, it is important to have a balance between ambition and care for others.


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