Happy Valentines Day


Although Valentine’s Day may be one of the more overlooked holidays compared to Christmas and Halloween, this special day in February has a rich history and large significance in society today. Titans are excited to feel the love on campus.

“I love Valentine’s Day because it is a day where everyone tries to spread love to other people. It is not just about relationships in my opinion,” junior Melody Khoshneviszadeh said.

The romantic Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian holiday surrounded by Saint Valentine. The exact basis of this day is questioned by historians and Christians alike.

Some believe Saint Valentine was a heroic figure who helped Christians escape from prison and fell in love with the daughter of the jailor while he was in captivity. He sent this girl a love letter which he signed “From your Valentine,” which sparked the tradition of writing notes for lovers throughout centuries. Others believe it is a Christianized version of the pagan festival Lupercalia.

“I think the history behind Valentine’s Day is cool because no one really knows how it happened” junior Bjondina Sopi said.

Although the true story might not be known, the traditions and passion enveloping the day have remained true. This year Americans will spend more than $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts. This holiday has truly become one of the world’s largest consumer days, which is notable as all grocery stores become flooded with flowers, cards, and chocolates. This holds true to Poway as well.

“This Valentine’s Day I’m planning on spending it with my best friends because they own my whole heart” freshman Kate Bylsma said. Titans on campus are mostly celebrating with their friends by writing little notes.


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