Titan of the Month

BEATY PITTS/ Staff Writer

Titan of the month junior Alyssa Lopez is a determined and bubbly student athlete. Lopez is the type of teammate that brings points out the positive in mistakes and brings out the best in everyone.

As a junior, Lopez has been apart of sports for 13 years, playing both softball and soccer. She has been in competitive softball since seventh grade. Having to manage both soccer and softball there are many days that do not come easy for the outstanding athlete, but is able to keep her grades high.

It is not  a breeze managing both seasons at once, “I manage both sports by communicating with my coaches, help from my parents,” Lopez said. Choosing one sport to focus heavily on did not seem optimal, however, she had to choose one to pursue in college. “My softball coach truly believed in me and made me feel like I could go far in softball,” junior Lopez stated.

Recently, Lopez committed to play Division I softball at the University of Nevada Las Vegas as a shortstop. Her favorite moment in her softball career was hitting a homerun in front of her future college coach at UNLV. After lots of emails and attending their camps, her softball career will continue.

UNLV was not the only choice for Lopez, but an easy one from a coaching standpoint. “The coach has an amazing background being an all American and a two-time national champion,” Lopez said.

Along with softball, her soccer career has always been a success. Lopez is currently playing Academy soccer at San Diego Surf Soccer Club and has previously won first team all league back in 2017 when she played for the varsity soccer team her freshman year.

Alyssa Lopez

“Champions are made when nobody is watching,” Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Aaron Jaffe said. “Alyssa is one of those special individuals that understands that to be truly great your effort has to match your talent.”


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