Reasons for more desired freedoms in classrooms


A place like a school needs ways to keep people paying attention to the lessons, and in this case that is achieved by giving us fewer rights. However, there are other ways to achieve this. For example, look no further than the class I am writing this article in right now, Journalism. TeriAnne Libby (the journalism teacher) generally is a lot more relaxed with the rules, and it does admittedly show. It is a lot louder than most classrooms, but students are still productive.

Even with students yelling across the classroom at each other, and quite a few people on their phones at any one time, people still get stuff done. That is the only reason we even get this newspaper out, after all. People get stuff done in a timely manner, even though the rules are a lot more relaxed.

While much more relaxed rules do have their downsides, they also help keep students less stressed. The lack of rules leads to a casual environment, as opposed to the stressful and boring atmosphere in most classes. In Journalism, we do not get stuff done because we worry about our grades or we will get yelled at if we do not. We do it because we actually care about what we are doing, unlike most classes. This leads to people really retaining what we learn in this class and really putting their all into it.

In more traditional classes, however, people often do not really care about what they are doing. They are usually doing it for the grade and to not get yelled at. People are not very motivated. They are just going through the motions. This leads to people not really absorbing the information they learn. They retain it for long enough to get through the class, then almost immediately forget it when they finish school.

Now, one of the issues with this is finding out how these kind of relaxed rules could be applied to other subjects. The main issue is finding a way to actually get something  real done. In Journalism, we care about our work because we are making something that will not simply be graded and then thrown in the trash can. We write the newspaper, and we put it out there and people can actually read it (not like anybody actually reads this thing, but you get the picture). Maybe there could be more stuff along the lines of schoolwide competitions in subjects, which would both teach and be fun. Just an idea.

Whereas in almost every other class, while we are learning, we are not actually doing anything with what we learn. We do not do, we just learn. Whereas in Journalism, we both learn and actually do something. I really think this could be a good mindset for other classes.

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