Girls Soccer

TYLER BOOKE/ Staff Writer

The girls Varsity Soccer team is doing well this season with a winning record of 6-4-3, led by senior captains Vivien Mikes and Camdyn O’donnell. The  Titans just suffered a devastating 3-1 loss to the Del Norte Nighthawks to end an 18 game league winning streak that lasted three seasons. The Titans had a thrilling tie to rival Torrey Pines high school in the pouring rain.

“Torrey Pines is a great team and they always have been and i’m happy after two years we finally got the opportunity to show them what we got” senior captain Camden O’donnell.Torrey Pines led the whole game, with under a minute to go Vivien Mikes scored the game tying goal, as the team went crazy. Mikes had the only goal of the game for the Titans.

“The goal was one of those moments where a tie felt like a win, the tie really reassured they team that if they believe the process and trust each other they are capable of big things”  Aaron Jaffe.  This was a huge opportunity for the girls to show san diego soccer what they are capable off.

“This was a huge deal for us as a team. We scored in the last 2 minutes with hard work and composure. Torrey Pines is a really talented program but we showed we can match their athleticism” – Junior defender Erin Mohr.The titans where finally victorious over the falcons for the first time in Four years.The girls next home game is january 24th against Mt. Carmel.


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