New Year New Me


The term “New Year, New Me” is  used by millions of people around the world each and every year. People start using this obviously at the beginning of the year on January 1.

Usually every single new year people are committed to becoming a new person they have envisioned to be, but only for a while. Many people do small things such as going to the gym on a regular basis.

They do this because it is hard to make a life-changing decision and be able to stick with it for the rest of their lives or even for that year. How long do people actually do this new year, new me for?

For the first month in the year, the gym is packed because everyone wants to change their body, and they think they could do it, but after the first month there are fewer people who are consistently going to the gym.

“I can not go to the gym right now because there are so many people there right now. I think it will get less crowded in a couple of weeks because of the new year,” Senior Hayden Thompson said.

Something else people do is to try to drink a lot of water because it is healthy to keep hydrated throughout the day. Now that is something people can handle. It sure is easier than working out at the gym.

People are more refreshed when they drink a lot of water compared to when they are dehydrated. This could help people get through their days a lot easier than when they are stressed. “Drinking water helps me with my workouts, and I think I can keep this up for the rest of the year,” senior Cole Westbrook said.

I think that people should start out with a simple goal such as drinking water because they can do it for a whole year, but I think using the term “New Year, New Me” is not very effective because it is hard to make a life-changing decision in one day.


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