Bandersnatch review


Over winter break, the revolutionary interactive Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch was released on Netflix. This movie focuses on the dreary life of young video game programmer Stefan in 1984. The viewer must make decisions in ten seconds, which spirals the movie into different directions. The decisions start as simple as which breakfast cereal to eat and then progress into difficult career and life choices.

“I found myself frozen at the TV when I had to make a choice because I was scared yet excited about what would happen next” sophomore Owen Bittner said.

There are five main endings to Bandersnatch, however there are multiple different variants on these endings. Black Mirror is famous for its dark and dramatic television episodes that make people question technology and the way the modern world is progressing.

Bandersnatch exploded on social media with mixed responses and people desperate to discover each ending, even spending five hours watching. “After a long night of zero sleep, I watched Bandersnatch, and it started making me question reality” senior Shivangi Srivastava said.

This has forever changed the entertainment industry because of the interactive element. Black Mirror and Netflix have promised to release new interactive content soon to allow viewers to choose their own adventures. Viewers on Netflix feel like they have control over their entertainment which is revolutionary.

“I think many other movies and shows can be created in this interactive manner and that will pave the way for future innovation in the entertainment world” junior Amaal Idoui said.



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