Next step for Boys Bathrooms?

NICO RAMIREZ/ Staff Writer

It is no surprise that the boys’ bathroom are closed again. Since my freshman year, they have been closed for many things, including the smashed fruit incident and feces in the urinals. Most of the guys have a problem with this when trying to go to use the bathroom for an actual purposes, but their bigger concern is: when will they open up again?

“We really don’t want to be bathroom patrol because it takes up our valuable time to do other important tasks,” Campus Supervisor Gene Morris said.

Most people would guess that they are closed because of vaping but Gene says different, “It’s not because of the vaping, or any kind of drugs. It is because of the vandalism the students have towards the bathroom.”

“We have come to the conclusion since boys are not respecting the bathrooms as school property, we might as well put porta potties around the school for students to use instead and close the bathrooms for good,” Campus Supervisor Brett Williams said jokingly.

“I don’t really like them being closed but I understand why they are. I think they should stay open though because it’s not like anything changes when they are locked,” Hayden Thompson said.

The bathrooms will stay closed forever due to a new group of kids coming in and the old ones going out due to the immaturity of our boys coming from the middle school. It seems the Campus Supervision will have to deal with this never ending cycle of constant vandalism.

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