Cons to social media


Most social media sucks. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr there are so many different ones, but they are all basically the same; just a load of random people telling everybody what they did today (as if anybody cares) and bragging about how many followers they have.

It contributes next to nothing to society but a way to communicate with your friends, which phones have done for much longer. It leads to a load of self-centered people who only care about how many followers you have.

Let us start with the only even slightly good thing about social media. It can help you keep up with news. However, there are other, much more reliable sources of news, such as this newspaper you are reading right now. The only reason to use social media to keep up with news is that it is a bit quicker than most other sources, but this speed also leads to a big lack of details and unreliability.

On the other hand, it creates this really toxic environment where everybody thinks you are inferior if you have fewer followers. Nobody really judges anyone based on who they are or anything, just their follower count. And the thing is, even though social media has all these negatives and practically no positives, it is still for some reason immensely popular. It makes people really self-centered and toxic, but people for some reason still love it. People only care about some little number that represents how many random people, whom you have probably never, met decided to follow you.

And the thing is, people often do not even get a high follower count by posting particularly funny or interesting content. Most of the time it is just random chance whether you get big on social media or not. There are plenty of people who make basically the same content as everybody else, just some of them got lucky and have a whole lot more followers.

Imagine it this way. Let us say that you are driving down the road and you see McDonalds, Burger King, and then a million other burger joints that are basically identical to the big fast food chains except they do not have as many customers. That is what social media is like. There is a couple big guys that have a load of followers, and then a load of basically identical accounts that are practically the same as the big ones, except they are not as popular.

Social media just creates this horrible culture based solely around some random number, and it has practically no upsides. Everything it is actually good for is already done by better stuff, like chat programs and phones. Whether people like you or not is just based on whether you got lucky and have more followers than most. It is completely and utterly useless and ridiculous.

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