Titan Ambassadors spread Titan pride across PUSD


Front row- Chloe Kauffman, Kameron Stout, Makenzie Withrow, Eliot Von Ehrenstein Smith, Anjani Srivastava, and Dalton Ercolado. Back row- Kylie Kim, Catherine Johnson, Jacob Moncrief, Brendan Trachsel, Jed Langer-Weida, and Katie Carnaroli


The Titan Ambassadors represent Poway High School throughout the PUSD district. They the love being the celebrities at elementary schools, to participate in community celebrations and events, and being some of the most active leaders in our school. They do it all to spread kindness and promote Poway diversity.

“We create, practice, and perform skits all on our own, and the kids love them. All of our skits this year are inspired by the movie Sky High. Another big thing we do are lunch hangouts once or twice a week. It is super fun to be able to play with the kids out on the playground!” Ambassador Brendan Trachsel said.

The ambassadors spend most of their time in the feeder schools to Poway High: Painted Rock, Garden Road, Valley, and Tierra Bonita. But they plan to expand to middle schools, such as Twin Peaks and Meadowbrook.

“To be an ambassador you need to have a positive attitude and be comfortable and enthusiastic in the spotlight. Also, you have to enjoy working with kids,” Ambassador Jed Langer-Weida said.

Besides going to elementary schools, another way to make a difference is going to the community functions such as Christmas in the Park and the Poway Days Parade.

“The best people for Titan Ambassadors are the people who look for diversity, whether it be in activities, ethnicity, or any other thing that would bring a unique element to the group.” Ambassador Mackenzie Withrow said.

To emphasize the diversity, each ambassador is a part of activities such as band, dance, Peer Counseling, and sports. They also have their own unique trading card, with an activity or talent on it.

According to Ambassador Brendan Treschel, the best part of senior ambassadors is being with the kids. “You get to be silly and have fun and be a role model to the kids. There are also times where you’ll be in public somewhere and you’ll totally catch a kid looking at you, eyes wide open. They honestly idolize you. It’s super heartwarming”




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