AVID Senior Standout Kameron Stout

LILY ARVISU/ In-Depth Editor

Kameron Stout


Titan ambassador and senior Kameron Stout was recently chosen to compete as Poway’s representative for a 50,000 scholarship. AVID, a class at Poway High designed to prepare students for college, provided this opportunity for AVID students to win the scholarship sponsored by the AFCEA, a nonprofit organization.

“Kameron is a great leader and he is always so positive and willing to help,” senior and fellow Titan ambassador Makenzie Withrow said.

AVID teacher Karen Kawasaki selected the top five AVID students who had taken the most APs and accumulated the highest GPAs. The five students interviewed for the scholarship opportunity in front of a panel of three, two AVID teachers and a student counselor. The candidates were asked to elaborate on topics, such as their college goals, and describe how AVID has helped them reach those goals. They were also asked to describe their leadership roles on campus and how they plan to continue that leadership in college and in the future.

“Kameron was chosen because he will represent AVID extremely well, as he has overcome tremendous difficulties yet has remained positive and a good leader.” Kawasaki said.

Stout now has an opportunity to attend the AVID Summer Institute, a large conference for all San Diego AVID groups, where he will have the chance to display his leadership skills and compete to win a large college scholarship of $50,000.

“It is an amazing and rewarding feeling to represent such an amazing program. I’m so proud to further my leadership into college,” Stout said.

Stout is excited and more than ready to proudly represent Poway High AVID at the summer conference.


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