Trinity Coker


Trinity Coker has got offers from many different schools. Now a sophomore, she made her final decision to go to San Diego State University to play soccer her freshmen year. This season she is starting as a forward and attacking midfielder. She scored three goals in an 8-0 win against Christian in their recent game on Dec. 10, 2018.

“I started playing soccer when I was around six years old. I committed freshman year sometime around May. The reason I chose SDSU over all other schools that have given me offers is because SDSU is the school I wanted to go to since I wanted to stay local. When they offered me, I took my opportunity,” Coker said.

She has lived in San Diego County her whole life and would really like that to never change due to her love for California.

“Trinity is such a stud. She deserves everything that she gets. She is such a hard worker and has dedicated everything she has towards soccer,” captain Camden O’Donnell said. Coker also plays for a club called San Diego Soccer Club. “Yes, I do play for SDSC as well as for the high school, I do this because I can play with people I relate to and that’s where all of my closest friends come from,” Coker expressed, “I absolutely love the competition, overall it’s very fun to play and I’m pretty good at it, it’s just something I love to do.”

Freshmen Trinity Coker booting the ball hoping to score against Christian.

Coker lives and breathes to run around the field and play soccer. “Trinity is an incredible young player who strives to become better every single day. She just can’t seem to get enough of what she loves to do,” Coach Aaron Jaffe said.




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