Celebrities in politics


Make America Great Again hats. Tweets attacking the opposite party. Comments shaming other political views. Meetings with the President of the United States. Do you know what time of the year it is?

It is getting closer to election day and more and more celebrities are involving themselves in politics. Recently celebrities like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and more have been showing their political views for the world to see. Is America benefiting from this celebrity involvement? Yes. Their political involvement allows celebrities to impact America and prompts younger people to vote. Celebrities have the perfect platform for political change and debate.

Some say that politics are transformed into a joke by celebrities. They start petty online conflicts and take things to the extreme. This may be partly true but the dramatic and comical side of the politics is to attract to younger viewers so that they will get involved. The main idea is to get the people who are not voting. Also, some celebrities are more passionate and educated about topics than others.

According to an analysis by Pew Research Center on NPR, only about 46% of millennials voted in the last presidential election. Celebrities who have a younger fan base can influence them to vote and complete their American obligation. Even if teens are not a fan of the celebrity who is being politically active, it makes them start to think politically and form their own personal views.

In addition, celebrities getting involved in politics is allows them to put their huge platforms to great use. After all, who are the most followed people on social media? Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian are the top five and they are all celebrities. Half of those people have shared political views on topics like Black Lives Matter and views on the two-party system. There is also a history of celebrities using the Oscars as a place to make grand speeches about political controversies. Celebrities have also tapped into social media applications like Twitter and Instagram to share opinions on politics. This is a great way to demonstrate how they feel about politics because lots of young adults watch the Oscars and are involved in social media.

We cannot silence celebrities who have the right to share their political opinions, nor should we try to ignore it. Americans, especially young Americans, should take into consideration what celebrities are sharing and do more research. We need to start forming our own opinions about politics. After all, we are the ones who determine what America will be like in the future.


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